BBC Sherlockians Rejoice: We're Getting A Fourth Season

The BBC Sherlock fandom is patient. We are the fandom that waits, more or less, because we have no choice but to wait. Your favorite TV series not airing it's next season for a few months? That's cute.

We get three episodes per season and have been waiting well over a year for season 3. Do not talk to us about waiting. We've gone a little insane (Have you seen our Tumblrs?) sure, but we're lovely folks.

So we sit and we wait and we devour whatever scraps Mr. Moffat and Mr. Gatiss decide to throw our way, and we are thankful.

Our patience has been rewarded, in the form of one of our saviors, Benedict Cumberbatch:


Benny, who plays Sherlock, told RadioTimes:

We’ve agreed to two more [series] but I could get into trouble for saying that.

All I know at the moment is we’re doing these three [episodes of the upcoming series] and another three.
— Benedict Cumberbatch
This reaction GIF is beyond accurate

This reaction GIF is beyond accurate

We might not have season three yet, but we know we're getting a fourth season and damn if that's not exciting. Let's party hard, Sherlockians.