"The Bachelor" Sean Lowe Made His Choice!

Spoilers ahead, if you really care or what not...


On the season finale of last night's Really Desperate For A Husband Or Just some TV Time show, otherwise known as The Bachelor, Sean Lowe popped the question to Catherine Giudici in Thailand, leaving Lindsay Yenter feeling like a fool. Seriously, her words, not mine!

As Yenter headed into the limo and let some tears squeak out of her eyes, she stated that she felt like "an idiot."


Either she's being really hard on herself, or she's hoping to get an Emmy.

I really didn’t see this coming. I’m happy for you, I’m happy that you found love, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without you and that’s something I’m going to have to figure out.
— Lindsay Yenter, getting dumped.

Really, though? That's a touch dramatic, Lindsay. Wake up call, it's a reality game show that has a track record of (I think) 1 in 16 in producing a successful long term marriage (If they even make it down the aisle...) 

Then there is this gem:

We don’t have a date yet, but we have decided that we think it would be cool, since our relationship started and it was developed and cultivated on a TV show – we’ll have our wedding on a TV show. And ABC will cover the wedding
— Sean Lowe

Translation: "If ABC is paying for it, I'll go along with it."


The real winner here is Sean Lowe. He's already locked in a spot with Dancing With The Stars., so he'll at least be internet famous for a few more months. Internet famous is the best kind of famous.

So congrats Sean and Catherine! I'm sure you'll be together for many years and will have many gorgeous children together. Or at the very least, we'll read all about your scandalous break up on the cover of our favorite tabloid magazines.