Bang With...

Bang with...whomever you want! Apparently there is a new franchise coming soon!

The controversial app Bang With Friends seems to be getting variations now. The Spring Break music, film and interactive festival South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, now has it's own app!

Called Bang With SXSW, it was made so people who will be attended the festival can "connect" with each other.

bang w sxsw.png

Let's be real, since when is hooking up a hard thing to be done during Spring Break in the first place? Everyone is there for the same thing, what happened with the old-fashioned going out there and getting laid?

The group who created the App claims that the objective is to promote safe sex by distributing condoms all around town during the event. 

It sounds like just another excuse for people who can't live without their phones and interact face-to-face...

Soon enough every festival ever invented will have a Bang With Franchise variation available. Do you think that some Apps are just not necessary?