Justin Bieber's Bad Week Got Worse.

Let's do a recap of Justin Bieber's week.

Bieber goes to London for his tour. Forgets to bring shirts and belts. That resulted on walking around with a naked torso and hanging pants and a little Tweeter blast from Olivia Wilde.

Still in London, Justin had the worse birthday of his life because he decided to bring underage people to a nightclub to celebrate, thinking it should be ok because he is who he is. Not bratty at all...

Following his not so hot moment, Bieber started one of his shows two hours late, and was booed by the crowd. He blamed the tardiness on the fact that his life isn't easy.

I can totally see that Justin, poor you.

Tabloids in London blasted Bieber for a couple of days, and he collapsed on stage on March 7th. Hospitalized, he tweeted this picture:

Looking extremely ill, isn't he?

Looking extremely ill, isn't he?

The cherry on top was his attack against a paparazzo. After the man yelled some nasty things at him, Biebs lost his cool and tried to go after him. One of his body guards stopped the action, picked Justin up and put him back inside his SUV.

The latest was Bieber's ex-girlfriend dissing him on a video. She dances with her girlfriends to the music Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend Is A Douchebag)


What's going on Justin? Advice: pull up you pants, get a shirt on, stop wearing gas-masks and leopard pants, and get your stuff together.