Waiting out the Snow Storm? Here's What to Watch on Netflix!

Sometimes a snow storm is a blessing in disguise. It's a way for you to catch up on all those shows and movies you wanted to watch, do some laundry, try out a new recipe, maybe write a few more chapters of your novel or play some video games.

More often though, it is a huge pain in the ass.

But let's look past that and focus on the positive! Do you have Netflix? Great! Here are our recommendations of what to watch while you're waiting out Snow Storm Nemo:

House of Cards


Everyone has been ranting and raving about how you must see House of Cards. It's perfect for when you're stuck inside because it's 11 hours long. It's the perfect time to get addicted and have just enough episodes to keep you satisfied. Also, with a tag line like "Francis Underwood is Majority Whip. He has his hands on every secret in politics - and is willing to betray them all to become President," how could you NOT watch?

I'll admit, I've already watched two episodes and am hooked. Picking right back up after I finish this post!

The Walking Dead

the walking dead.jpg

The Walking Dead returns tomorrow, so what better way to get yourself excited than to re-watch season 1 and 2? We won't spoil anything, but sometimes it's nice to go back and see characters that are no longer with us. 

It'll also be kind of awesome to watch Rick progressively lose his shit, too.

Parks and Recreation




The time commitment on this one isn't too bad, as it's only 6 episodes long (I don't know what's up with BBC and making their series so short yet addictive. Maybe they're in to torture?) so you go practice playing your flute or whatever else it is you wanted to do.

Jekyll is a sick, fresh new twist on the old doctor-with-two-personalities story. It's dark and sexy with just a dash of conspiracy theories. If you're not going to watch it now, definitely put it in your queue for later!

Those are our picks, let us know what you're watching in our comments section below. I'm going back to watching House of  Cards.