Hot Clip of the Day!

Being a product of the NYC Public School System, I know how hard it is to get a day off. I use to wake up and scowl at the news as I saw all the private schools closing because maybe some rain and strong winds were coming our way. 

Back in my day, you needed a volcano, a plague of locusts and the threat of a zombie apocalypse to close public schools down. 

So as I watched the school closings due to the impending snow storm today, I thought "You go, little homies! Enjoy your 3 day weekend while me and the rest of the worker bees report for duty!"

But you know what's better than a day off from school due to weather? A day off from school that you earned. Check out our Hot Clip of the Day below!

Our man with the basketball is first grader Blake Harper and you know what he did? He hit a free throw which gave his entire school off the Monday following the Super Bowl.

You know what makes this story even better? Blake got the shot after a 7th grader and an 8th grader failed to make it!

Blake, you're officially the coolest kid at school. Enjoy it, Little Man.