Hot Clip of the Day

Happy Snow Storm Saturday for all you Insticators in the Tri-State area! Our Hot Clip of the Day should give you a little cheer.

A little back story: This girl was brought in for possession of Xanax without a prescription. She is hiiiiiiiigh as a kite during her hearing, despite what she says. Here, watch and judge for yourself:

Who describes the monetary value of their jewelry as being "Rick Ross?" No one says "Yes, how much is that car over there? Oh, it's only 28.9 Rick Rosses? Great, I'll take it!"

I love how the judge isn't putting up with any of her bullshit, calling her back and raising the charge to $10,000 for her sassy little "adios!" and then 30 days in jail for flipping him off. I salute you, sir.