Officially Over the Nicki vs Mariah "Feud"

You know, when I watch American Idol, I watch it to see people with more balls than I have get up on stage and in front of millions of viewers at home and take a shot at their dream of being the next big artist. Like such:

I just got shivers, again, while watching this clip. Two truly great singers right there.

I do not, however, watch idol for this overplayed, worn out "feud" between Nicki and Mariah.

Pre-Idol Season 12, I got it. Create some hype and get people interested again. There's only so many new pony tricks one can pull in regards to a singing competition, I understand.

But Ryan Seacrest, I have such a bone to pick with you. Whoever on your team that is saying "Let's keep playing up this feud thing!" needs to be ignored or fired. 

Yeah, this got stale about two months ago...

Yeah, this got stale about two months ago...

What really grinds my gears (that sounds like it hurts, no?) is that this isn't really a "fight" worth exploring. Sure, when TMZ released that footage of Nicki going nuts on Mariah during a taping, THAT was interesting. What we have instead is passive aggressive fighting, which in my opinion is the stupidest form of fighting.

How about this: Grow a pair and actually just call the person out instead of being a coward and saying "Well, someone..."

It's a constant string of Mariah saying "Well, someone was distracting me" and Nicki going "I would have loved to give you feed back before, but someone didn't give me a chance." Cue the ladies rolling their eyes at each other. I say go all out and just have a brawl already so we can get back to business.

I think we should go back to focusing on the talent and, real or fake, skip the judge drama. Thoughts?