WTH Lil Kim?

We all know about the surgery plastic epidemics that takes hold in the celebrity world. You are not part of the cool-kids-club until you do some type of touch up. Sooner or later everyone surrenders - but some go a liiiiittle too crazy.

Rapper Lil Kim has taken recreating her image to a whole new level (well maybe not). Last Friday she showed up to an event in West Hollywood unrecognizable. She has gone under the knife a few times since 1999, but nothing has been nearly as drastic.


The small sized rapper always had headlines dedicated to her peculiar clothing choice, or rather, her choice to present herself in public with a lack of clothing. She didn't cause less of a buzz by showing off a lighter skin complexion, bigger cheekbones and smaller nose. Any similarity with the Thriller God might be merely a coincidence.

A side by side comparison

A side by side comparison

Lil Kim's plastic surgeon must be a serious perfectionist. You know when they ask you "So which celebrity would you wanna look like?" Be careful with your answer guys!

Other celebrities have gone too far with their plastic surgery obsession as well. Who doesn't know Heidi Montag and her Barbie doll syndrome?


Or E! Fashion Police's host, Joan Rivers, who says things about celebrities that makes you want to crawl into a ball and bury yourself into a hole. Or maybe you feel like that because it's just painful to look at what she has done to her figure?

Lookin' natural, Joan!

Lookin' natural, Joan!

Maybe it's time for someone to invent plastic surgery specialized rehab center, if there isn't such a thing already. What other celebrities should have kept themselves off of the operating table in your opinion?