Rejoice! The Walking Dead Returns this Sunday!

Hey you guuuuuys, (classic "Goonies" reference, BOOM!) guess what's coming back this Sunday?


Rejoice, fellow Walkers, for we have survived our mid-season break. I don't know how you guys did it, I grew out my hair so I could braid it like Michonne and insisted my little brother was a Walker that needed to be kept in our attic.

You know, like that Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons, where Bart has an evil twin that lives in their attic and lives off fish heads? Yeah, my parents weren't sold on the idea.


We were left with a teeny, tiny little taste at the mid-season finale as to what was in store for February, but since we love y'all so much, here's the extended preview if you haven't caught it yet:

I particularly love how The Gov is all "It's out of my hands now." You serious? You are The Governor, your job description (to govern) is in your name! 

It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of Season 3 plays out. For one thing, we we only just met a new group of survivors and don't really know what their purpose is yet.

Well, okay, we kind of know their purpose. If you keep killing off main characters, you're going to need to make some more. Also, remember these two?:

duane and morgan.jpg

This is the Father/Son pair Rick meets in Season 1 and tries to maintain radio contact with in the hopes that they can meet up. They've never established contact, but that doesn't mean their dead! Hey, Merle took a while to reappear, why not them!?

Here's the 30 second promo, in case you missed it:

Carl is FINALLY growing up, and we're excited to see how the little man's character develops for the rest of the season. We think this improvement might have happened because Mother of the Year Lori is no longer in the picture. Sorry all your Lori fans.

Wait, are there even any Lori fans?

It's time to choose sides. Hit us up on our Twitter and let us know if you're #TeamRicktatorship or #TeamGovernor!