Lohan & Bynes: Messes Together

So Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted going out shopping. Pretty normal, besides the fact that she stepped out of her car and ran errands SHOE-LESS (What?!). Courtesy of our friends over at E!:


I mean, we all know that Lilo is trying to get back on track, but girlfriend, clean up already!

Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes' retirement seems to have brought her to follow L.L's footsteps. The latest about the girl is that she has just become homeless due to her non-stop marijuana consumption.

Her landlord pointed that her apartment emanated smoke "morning, noon, and night" and threatened her with an eviction if she didn't leave her apartment in NYC. I bet she didn't need anyone to show her the way out of the door, considering all the legal charges she's currently facing.

TMZ caught Bynes smoking the reefer and driving. That's safe, right?

TMZ caught Bynes smoking the reefer and driving. That's safe, right?

Lindsay has been on reckless mode for far too long. Now, Bynes seems to be playing catch up and can't be out of the spotlights for the crazy stories about partying and doing drugs.

It could have been a very happy friendship in which both would hold hands and hop around from party to party, from conviction to conviction. Except, Amanda openly declares her hate towards Lilo.

After Bynes' reckless driving accusation, Lindsay Lohan tweeted "Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?" Obviously, Amanda didn't like it and has been referring to Lilo as "that b**** Lohan" since then.

The thing is, all the former children stars want is to continue their bizarre behavior without anyone annoying them, and of course, without having to go to court for their mindless actions. So of course they will keep up the “who-should-be-in-jail” pushing game, because what washed up celeb doesn't love attention?

It’s perfect, this way one can take a breather between court dates, while the other gets all the gossip industries blasting. 

Mom and dad once said, “sharing is caring.” These two are doing a great job at sharing the Hall of Shame.

So happy, toogeetherrrrrr!

So happy, toogeetherrrrrr!