Why You Should Watch "The Following"

Fox's The Following isn't your typical serial killer story. Sure, we've seen this setup before: A former FBI agent whose life was pretty much ruined by his successful pursuit of  a charismatic serial killer is brought back into the field because said serial killer is loose and wrecking havoc again. It doesn't hurt that our FBI agent (played by Kevin Bacon) is an alcoholic, because that's never been done before...

No, what makes this unique is that the serial killer, Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy) let's himself get caught the second time around, because NO BIG DEAL, he's made lots of friends when he was locked up before who will now do the killing for him.

Unlike serial killer shows/movies where you know who it is you're looking for, the show plays off of the fact that just about ANYBODY could be part of Carroll's following.

I mean, look at one of their posters! This show is serious, y'all.


She's possibly a killer, but probably not a grammar teacher, because that deserves a question mark at the end. Duh.

BONUS: You've got more actors and actresses to play "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" with!


Trivia Question: How long would it take to cook a piece of bacon at 6 degrees Fahrenheit?

Answer: Wow, are you really thinking of an answer? Geeeeeeze...

What gives the show more of a creep factor is that after a successful kill, the followers leave a message that is always similar to "This is for you, Ryan" (Ryan being Bacon's character.) It looks like Carroll is a liiiiiiiiitle pissed off that Ryan slept with his ex-wife, but it's not clear if this is his main motivation.

Double creep factor? Carroll is having his following kill people like his boss at the university he worked out who wouldn't give him tenure.  It kind of makes you stop and think about the time you were rude to the server at McDonald's, ya know? They might be plotting to make you into the next Happy Meal.

But what is that burger made out of?

But what is that burger made out of?

The Following airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox. Are any of you Insticators already watching? What are you thoughts about the storyline?