Sterling Archer: Best TV Secret Agent Ever

Are you watching the best ever TV spy that is out there today, AKA Sterling Archer?


FX's Archer has it all: sex, espionage, money, humor and lots and lots of alcohol. Archer himself works for ISIS, a spy agency run by his mother, along side his ex-girlfriend (who, OMG, is voiced by Aisha Tyler!!!) and the rest of the ISIS employees.

It's so hard to have a favorite character in this show, because the characters are all so self-absorbed that it makes for ridiculously good fun. For instance, there's Krieger, the possibly mad scientist of ISIS and Cheryl/Carol, secretary to Archer's mom who on a whim changes her name to fit her new personality (all of which are cray-cray.)

What makes Archer's character (pro tip: his code name "Duchess" is after his mother's beloved passed away pup) so delightful is that he is a true man-child. You know the type (ugh, some of you might be dating one,) a 13 year old stuck in a grown man's body, still thinking it's funny to end everything with "That's what she said!" and thinking they're generally awesome? That's Archer.

Every Batman needs their Alfred, and Archer gets his in the form of faithful Woodhouse, his butler who pretty much raised him because his mother was too busy being a drunken whore. I'm paraphrasing here.

Poor Woodhouse

Poor Woodhouse

Another great thing about Archer is that no matter how dire the situation gets (read as: no matter how many times Archer has gone and seriously messed things up,) our man still comes out on top. He's one of those obnoxious types that will say "I meant for that to happen," but you're still kind of happy that things worked out for the jerk anyway.

Want more reasons why Archer is our all time favorite TV spy right now? Peep this "Ask Archer" segment and decide for yourself.