Jennifer Lawrence: "My Pants fell off!"

Alright, who hasn't ever had a little incident on the red carpet? But Jennifer Lawrence, honey, you are abusing the "wardrobe malfunction" excuse quite too often.

It all started at the 2011 BAFTA Awards...maybe one too small cup size?

This does not look comfy...

This does not look comfy...

Then you wore the not so flawless jumpsuit by Stella McCartney at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Not really sure what effect the stylist aimed for with black and blue weirdly placed stripes or you with the 90's look. One issue we do know of was a MAJOR boob slip risk.

Ok, for once gravity didn't play its role and the boobs stayed covered.

When mother nature helps, but you show a visible lack of acknowledgement on how to work what you are wearing, then you have what happened at the 2013 SAG Awards. Jen Law's navy Dior gown seemed to have fallen apart as she walked toward the stage.



When watching the video of her unintentional striptease at Piers Morgan Tonight, Lawrence said "Oh, god. Oh! My pants fell off." - no they were not pants, first hint that she wasn't sure about what she was wearing.

You know when you buy new heels, girls? You put them on and walk around a little before you actually go in public, right? Tip to Jen, maybe if you tried the dress on and went up and down stairs a couple of times before hand you would have noticed that the dress had layers. I am sure you would have mastered how to lift the dress without opening the layers on live TV!

"Somebody trips me on the way, I remember that," - yeah, yeah, of course the fault would be the imaginary person who tripped you and made your things exposed on live TV.

Girl, don't get confused, we asked you to put your party pants on, not to go to the no pants party! Then she claims she has walking pneumonia and doesn't know how she caught it...

She is a great, very talented down-to-earth actress. But what do you guys think, is Jen pushing too far with the jokes - lately she chose to trash her Oscar rivals for a few laughs - and pieces of clothing falling apart?