Catfish: The Parody

We're big fans of MTV's Catfish for several reasons. It's one of those shows where you just can't believe the person we meet first is so gullible to believe lies like expired passports, terminally ill relatives and oh, not even being able to video chat with their beloved FOR YEARS!

It's like COME ON. You want to give up in annoyance, but you don't, because you are addicted and need to see what happens next.

In a recent episode, our boy Rico was in love with an "international model" named 

Ja’mari. Of course, Ja'mari doesn't have any of his professional photos on his Facebook page...not sketchy or anything.



I'm not going to lie, I did a little fist pump when Rico and Ja'mari first get together, because Ja'mari is actually the person in the photo! Catfish victory!

Oh but wait, it turns out his name is James and he's actually a bus driver who lives at home with his mom. Womp womp. So that victory was short lived, but somehow Rico overcame this after having a sad mopey session and we were left feeling pretty okay about the situation.

We have to bring to light this hysterical video, made by our pals over at Dormtainment. Our boys are pretty much on point in capturing the shows message. What's your take?