All Hail Queen Beyonce!!!

Did you somehow miss The Beyonce Spectacular featuring The Super Bowl on Sunday? Don't worry, we've got you covered:

I think I got whiplash from how fierce this performance was. Beyonce was basically giving the middle finger to all her haters from her Inaugural Lip-Synch debacle and I think Queen B got that message across loud and clear. 

Then, when she said "Kelly, can you handle this?" I screamed "YESS!" even though my name is in fact not Kelly. The only shade I can throw B's way is that the outfit she wore was exactly what I was going to wear to work tomorrow and now I'll just look like I'm copying here.

Anywho, here at Insticator, we enjoy a good diva. We just saw the first commercial for Beyonce's world tour and hoooooooold up girlfriends, sit down and take a minute:

Someone get us a chair, because we need to sit down and take a breather. There was just so much theatrics going in in under a minute and we loved every second of it. B is Queen and she knows it and we support her 100 percent. I would kill to have her costume wardrobe (not really, but if there was a contest on Twitter or something, I would definitely do that instead. )

We're definitely looking forward to Her Royal Highness Beyonce's World Tour. For now, we'll have to settle for watching Shaq do an outstanding lip syncing performance. Take it away, Shaq!