Rejoice! "Archer" Gets Renewed!

All together now:


But really, was anyone actually concerned that Archer wouldn't be back for another season?

We're only midway through season four (P.S Anthony Bourdain is tonight's guest star,) and FX has ordered 13 episodes for Season 5. Being in the danger zone has never felt so good.


Bonus good news for us Archer fans: FX announced that the show will be submitted into the best comedy series Emmy category this year, a transition very few animated series have made.

 When notified of the Season 5 pickup, co-creator Adam Reed said, “Thank God.” When Reed notified executive producer Matthew Thompson, Thompson replied, “Called it.” We're going to have to agree with Thompson on this one, because not renewing Archer  would be a serious crime against humanity (seriously, how are there people who still aren't watching this show yet?)

To celebrate, here's a really solid "Best of Archer" compilation video: