Hot Clip of the Day: Vintage Mila Kunis

When I was around 5-years old, I made the mistake of watching Chucky. I'm thinking that was my early start in a career as a sadist, but I'm also going to blame my parents. 


After that, as you can guess, anything bigger than my Barbies weren't allowed in my room. I didn't have Cabbage Patch dolls (which I thought were creepy enough before I watched Chucky, thank you very much) and any doll that had hands big enough to grab a steak knife was expressly forbidden.

My dad once got me a Life-size Barbi, which I made him promptly return. No way I trusted that chick not to kill me in the middle of the night. She was life-size.

I definitely didn't have a Telephone Tammy, either. Dolls that could talk? No thanks. Especially not ones that wanted me to share my secrets with it, that's just sketchy.

So in honor of creepy toys,  our Hot Clip of the Day is Mila Kunis from 1994, staring in a commercial for Telephone Tammy. Mile? Looking adorable. Telephone Tammy? I'm going to say possessed by Satan.