Have You Met The Amazing Racist?

Lately, we've been bringing up the question of "In comedy, is there such a thing as too soon, too much or too offensive?" (See The Jeselnik Offensive and Was The Onion Out of Line?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ari Shaffir, The Amazing Racist.


Well, he's not so much of an amazing racist as he is comedian, but we digress. Ari is known for pushing the boundaries on racial stereotypes and racist behavior (in one clip, he walks into a store owned by a black man. This would be fine if Ari hadn't been dressed like a member of the KKK and holding a large wooden cross.)

Some people claim the reactions Ari receives in these clips are real, others claim these are hired actors. Watch this clip for yourself and decide if Ari is bringing in more chuckles than hate.