Was The Onion Out of Line?

The Onion is known for thei "show no mercy" style of writing. As "America's Finest News Source," they're very much of the "Shoot first, shoot some more, never ask questions" mindset. They feature headlines such as Republicans Reach Out To Women With New 'No Punch Pretty Lady' Bill,  Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them and Completely Self-Absorbed Obama Gets Up And Just Talks For An Hour Straight

Getting the idea, right?

So some people are claiming The Onion went a little too far last night, calling 9-year old actress Quvenzhane Wallisa (Beasts of the Southern Wild) a 4-letter C-word in a tweet during last night's Oscars:


First off, how adorable looking was she last night?

Work that puppy purse!

Work that puppy purse!

A lot of people were up in arms over this, and The Onion has removed the offensive tweet. The question is, were they out of line?

Yes, she's a 9-year old girl, but as always, The Onion never does anything with a truly malicious intent. However, it seems that they were feeling a little guilty by removing the tweet.

Was The Onion out of line, or was this just par for the course?

UPDATE: The Onion has apologized!