Seriously, Jennifer Lawrence?

Homegirl, three words for you: Get. It. Together.


In the past, we've covered Lawrence's wardrobe mishaps. When she walked the red carpet this Sunday for the 85th annual Academy Awards in a bubbly pink number, we thought "Okay, it's a little girly for Jennifer's usually kick ass style, but we'll take it."

We applauded when she won Best Actress...until she fell. Seriously, girlfriend? Didn't we give you advice last time about practicing moves you need to make in your outfits before you actually arrive at the event?

Then there was this gem:


Everyone on the internet is touting that Jennifer didn't realize she was flipping the bird to the press, which seems plausible when you look at the second picture (you can find other post-middle reaction pics on the web, for more proof.)

It's do you forget you're at something like The Oscars, in front of a bunch of press and think "Now is a good time to give the middle finger." That sounds like something trampire Kristen Stewart would do.

Jennifer, we're big fans of yours, so we're going to let this slip, again. You deserved that win last night and we're happy for you, but stop it with these little faux pas. We get it, you're human, but you deserve to be known as something other than tripping and flipping.