Jim Carreycter attacks again!

Jim Carrey once again takes that extra step (literally!) to look even more outrageous than ever. His movies talk for themselves about his necessity to be the center of the attention, ALWAYS. Just take in consideration the bizarre plots, facial expressions and weirdest noises/phrases he has ever spit out there. But how RIDICULOUS is this:

jimcarrey-022513- sp.jpg

He wore these big-feet-shoes to Elton John's Oscar viewing party, on Sunday night.

No need to say that it caused major buzz among the photographers present at the event, who took a countless amount of pictures of him.  Other guests who attended the party were taken by surprise as well, but had fun with the unusual footwear.

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Did Carrey hit the spot? Maybe, if he was trying to be the clown of the party. We cannot forget the cherry on top of his wardrobe choice of the night: little wings on the back of his suit jacket.


I guess the "Strangel" gear won't get him among the best dressed of the Oscars...