Lilo Loses...One More Time.

Once again, Lindsay Lohan shows that she thinks the world revolves around her (what a shocker!). She apperently thought that Pitbull should have paid her money to use her name in the song Give me Everything. So she proceeded to sue: Ne-Yo, Afrojack, J Records, Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Music Group, Polo Grounds Music and Pitbull, obvi.

Girlfriend seems to be so desperate for money that her new "job" is to sue people. First, she sued E-Trade for $100 million because of a commercial that aired during 2010 Super Bowl. Check it out:

She claimed E-Trade used her name and characteristics without consulting or paying her. And they did - I mean, who there can't see that that "milkahocic baby, Lindsay" is LL?

The lawsuit was withdrawn after Lilo started to have trouble with the law for her DIUs. Even though it was never confirmed, many claim she did get some money from the company, which makes sense. When you are in jail, the faster you get cash to bail you out, the better, right?

I guess motivated by that, she thought she could squeeze some cash out of Pitbull for using the for the phrase "I’ve got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.

 He decided to battle the suit. Result: Lilo, you lose (womp, cash and left with all those legal fees to pay) all for the phrase "I’ve got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Pitbull won, and his attorney said: “He felt it was very important to address this head on to protect his right and the rights of other artist. He decided to fight this.”


Maybe now she will learn that people don't care if she is upset because they make fun of her out of control habits. You make your own bed, you gotta lie in it.

Time to party less and work more Linds, can't rely on the disaster your life has become, (and how people negatively refer to it all the time) to fatten your piggy bank. That is if she still even has one...

What do you think about the result of this law suit? Do you think it was fair that Pitbull won? What about Lilo, do you think she is going too far with her money-hunger?