The 85th Academy Awards: No Pressure, Seth MacFarlane!

This Sunday marks the 85th Academy Awards, A.K.A The Oscars, and will be hosted by the very funny Seth MacFarlane.

You know, that guy who created Family Guy?


Not every Academy Award Host is a hit *cough* we're still angry at you, James Franco *cough*, but we think Seth is going to do just fine this Sunday. Hopefully the head honchos won't sensor him too much and will really let him rip. Here are a few of our favorite hosts from the past:

Jon Stewart

Bless you, Jon Stewart. Does anyone else think this man should run for Mayor of New York?

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

How is it a man who is constantly in the media for having a short temper is so freaking funny? Alec should take some notes from Martin who is just, you know, funny all the time.

Ellen DeGeneres

Oh Ellen, you joker..what's a Myspace?

We fairly confidant Seth isn't going to disappoint on Sunday. With any award show, do you look forward to seeing the host, the fashion or who the winners and losers are?