From the WTF Files: Police Contacted Mother About Son's Death Over Facebook

Yes, you read that headline right.

One day, Anna Lamb-Creasey's son disappeared without a trace. She called the usual places a missing person might show up. She waited anxiously for days, weeks and then a month, desperate to hear anything about her son. She posted to his Facebook page: "Rickie where are you? Love mom."

This is probably not the best way to tell someone their loved one is dead...

This is probably not the best way to tell someone their loved one is dead...

Unfortunately, as it turns out, Rickie was dead. He was struck and killed by a car on Jan. 24th, and making this story even sadder, the driver wasn't charged.

So here is when things get weird: The Clayton County, GA. police contacted both his mother and sister from an employee's account, whose profile picture was that of rapper T.I. 


Imagine getting a message from someone called "Misty" who is claiming to actually be a Lt. Schindler in your "Other" folder on Facebook. You'd naturally think it was a scam, which is what Rickie's mother and sister thought.

I had to go back and check where my "Other" folder was! How many of you check this? It's where messages get dumped that are sent by people who don't know you, but if you cough up a buck, it'll be moved to your dominant folder. So the police couldn't even do that!

It's hard to swallow that this police department couldn't find a more professional way of contacting Rickie's relatives. By taking this unprofessional route, Rickie's body lay in the morgue, unclaimed, for 20 days. It's their job to catch criminals, but they can't locate a woman who has been working at the same place for the past 13 years?

Shame on yo Clayton County Police Department. Shame on you.