The Fakest Reality Show

So I was browsing around today, seeing what is good and what is not on TV, and came across this show called "Real Husbands of Hollywood." I couldn't help taking five minutes to check it out.

I was honestly ready to see something absurd, that would make me feel that tingling feeling in my stomach when someone is embarrassing themselves to an extreme. Such as what I feel whenever Taylor Armstrong (RHOBH) gets so drunk, that her so-natural-lips get totally in the way and nobody understands a word she says.

The show started January 15th and has Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon and J.B. Smoove on the cast, along with Robin Thicke, Duane Martin and Borie Kodjoe. This was the preview:

As soon as I started watching, it was announced as "the fakest reality show on TV" - and I thought to myself: FINALLY a reality show admitted to be scripted! 

They do stuff that nobody does in real life, have those pointless fights that start out of nowhere...if they had boobs, and threw a few "OMG, you are such a bitch" in there, you could call it Housewives of Hollywood.

So, have you guys watched any episodes yet? If so, what did you think?