Mike Baxter: Our NY Mets MVP

David Wright this and David Wright that. There's nothing wrong with singing Wright's praises, but you are all aware that there are other players that make up The New York Mets, right?

Specifically, our local man, our MVP, Mike Baxter.

Just look at this handsome face!

Just look at this handsome face!

Our guy Mike grew up in Whitestone, Queens, born with the desire to play baseball. You can't move an inch in Queens without bumping into someone who claims they use to play baseball with Mike when he was a kid. We're just all so proud of him.

Mike previously played for the Padres, but New York did a little cheer when we found out he'd be coming home, giving hope to Mets fans all over.

I don't want any hate mail from Mets fans, I AM a Mets fans, so let's be honest, things aren't always so great for us.

Mike started off strong with the Mets, but cast aside any doubt when he caught the ball that saved Johan Santana's no-hitter. Mike's ready to move on from that, and we agree. We're ready to see more!

No big deal, he still comes home and hangs out with aspiring baseball players.

No big deal, he still comes home and hangs out with aspiring baseball players.

You see that right there? Mike came home to his roots and spent some time giving back to his community for the kids at Dwarf Giraffe Athletic League in Whitestone. Don't you just want to hug him?

Ladies, back off, he's a happily married man. Our sources tell us that not only is his wife a knock-out, she's also genuinely nice. You really can't hate on genuinely nice people, the world needs more of them. Gosh, look at us getting all soft.


So David who?  We kid, we support all our boys. We can't wait to see what Baxter will bring to the 2013 season. Hopefully, he score more big plays without having to fling his body into the line of fire.