Harlem Residents React To The Harlem Shake #SMWNYC

It's Day Two of Social Media Week NYC! You're probably wondering what that has to do with the latest YouTube sensation, "The Harlem Shake."

We were sitting in the panel on News From Noise: Discovering and Verifying the Best Content Across Social Networks, and we were asked if any of us knew the origin of the Harlem Shake. Turns out it's a move from over 10 years ago and is NOTHING like what we're seeing now.

We were told there is a clip of people in Harlem reacting to the new Harlem Shake videos and their reactions, which are pretty priceless. Check it out here:

The lesson here being you should do a little homework before posting things to your social media accounts to make sure your content is as authentic as possible.

You have to admit, the non-authentic results can be pretty hysterical, too.