Someone Get Rihanna a Weed Birthday Cake!

The Barbados Beauty known as Rihanna turns 25 today. Happy Birthday RiRi! Got any big plans for today?

Oh. You're going to put on bikinis and smoke some blunts? Okay, no one saw that coming.

Rihanna is celebrating her birthday in Hawaii, which is pretty sweet all on it's own. However, we're hearing rumors that volatile boyfriend Chris Brown is in Hawaii as well, and is going to propose to Rihanna for her birthday!

Sources for Hollywood Life say "The report claims that it’s all going to happen tonight at the dinner and Chris’ mom is there too! Get this, the engagement ring is 10 carats, and it cost him around $3.5 million — such a lucky girl!"

For us mere mortals, here is an idea of what a 10 carat diamond ring looks like: 

Thanks Catherine and Douglas!

Thanks Catherine and Douglas!

Is Chris Brown really going to propose to RiRi for her birthday? Or is this just a bunch of smoke?