Kate Middleton: The Bump Has Arrived!

It's the moment we've all (well, maybe a good chunk of us) have been waiting for: an official baby bump on the Duchess of Cambridge:

Hey, Royal Baby! Welcome to the internet!

Hey, Royal Baby! Welcome to the internet!

We won't call it anti-climactic, but we'll take what we can get.

Kate looked fantastic in her dress and heels (!!) and you can tell from the various shots that Kate is either trying to be tricky with her head gestures in order to hide the bump, or draw attention to it:


We're not sure which ploy she's going for, but we're going to call her clever either way. You know when Kim Kardashian's bump starts to show, she's going to carry a giant neon arrow pointing to her growing bump, whilst sending out a press release.

At the very least, anyway.