Five Shows to Watch Tonight!

We're meeting some truly great thinkers at Social Media Week NYC, and Day One isn't even half over (Hey to all of our new friends!)

We're not going to be able to get our TV on tonight, as we'll be at some pretty swankin' networking events late into the night, but here are the shows we think you should be tuning into:

Bad Girls Club Atlanta


8PM, Oxygen:  Rocky decides to team up with Shannon after witnessing the other girls’ flip-flopping ways.. We're sure this will end up with all the girls sitting down and having a sober, civilized conversation.

Snooki and JWOWW


10PM, MTV:  Jenni thinks about introducing Roger to her mother. Hold up, how long have they been together? Does her mother not watch TV, read the gossip magazines or you know...use the internet?



10PM, FX:  Raylan finds himself caught between a foxy grifter and an old nemesis out for revenge. Can someone educate us as to what a 'foxy grifter' is?

Dance Moms


9PM, Lifetime:  Melissa tries to take advantage of the situation when Christi and Kelly bicker. Melissa is wasting her breath. #TeamChristi and #TeamKelly all the way. Go back to kissing Abby's rear, Melissa.



10PM, Comedy Central:  Daniel gets bedroom workout tips. We're really upset we're going to be missing this. Hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

There's a ton of TV shows to catch. Which ones will you be watching tonight?