TLC's Gypsy Sisters is My New Guilty Obsession

Oh, TLC. How you don't disappoint me. Gypsy Sisters is everything I hoped it would be, and more.

Everyone is hating on the apple of my eye, the least Gypsiest (we're making that a word) Gypsy, Mellie. She strips, she's an alcoholic, and she doesn't give a f***. Just look at this princess:

You can't take Mellie anywhere without her starting a fight. Probably because she's always drunk. Really. The camera's are always catching Mellie openly drinking or smuggling alcohol in from different sources. Which leads to this classy wallflower puking everywhere.

I feel for Mellie, who is cast as the black sheep of the family. She puts up this hard shell and drinks so she doesn't have to feel anything, because she had her heart broken at 17 with the divorce of her first husband. True, you'd think she'd be over it a few years later, but when it comes down to it, Mellie is still a scared little girl trying to protect herself from being hurt again. Bless her sister Nettie for trying to tame her wild ways.


Nettie had to raise Mellie, because when Mellie was barely a teenager, their mother went to jail. Did we mention their mother was one of America's Most Wanted? Yup. Mama Stanley traveled across the united states robbing banks and swindling people out of money. That doesn't sound like a very Gypsy thing to do, does it?

For how skinny and scrappy these girls are, they aren't afraid to take off the bling for a minute and get into a fight, and part of me admires that.

Mostly, it just amuses me.

Are you watching Gypsy Sisters? Do you have a TV show that's your guilty pleasure that we should know about? Let us know below!