House of Lies: What is Jeannie's Problem?

I really enjoy watching House of Lies because I think the dynamic between the main management consultants is just spot on. There's the perfect amount of competition, love, wit and sophomoric humor to balance them all out. I'll never get tired of watching Clyde and Doug try to one up each other in their silly ongoing war.


Kristen Bell does is a great Jeannie Van Der Hooven, the only female in the bunch, and does a good job of showing that a woman can play right along side the big boys. I've never really felt bad for Jeannie's life choices, ditching her fiance, drunkenly proclaiming her love for Marty, in fact, I'm usually rooting for Jeannie.

That all changed last night.


Jeannie, most likely burnt by the fact that Marty did not take her on his latest case, develops a mightier than thou attitude in regards to the dating world. Their newest client runs a dating site, and as a dare, Jeannie agrees to go on one.

Her date is a certified cutie, and an all around nice guy. He's a teacher, he partakes in the Big Brother program and is easy on the eyes. Jeannie should consider this a win, right?

There's no other word for it other than that Jeannie becomes a certified bitch. She asks her date why he has a problem with "normal dating" (we're guessing that's dating that doesn't involve the internet), insinuates that he's a loser and says that she's only doing this as a dare, since she doesn't have a problem scoring dates and is so clearly above all of this.

May we remind you that she slept with this guy to get ahead in the business?

May we remind you that she slept with this guy to get ahead in the business?

We felt just as shocked as her date felt. I threw a little fist pump in the air when he calmly stated he would be going, and would only pay for his half of the drinks. Rock on, sir.

I left the episode feeling really angry with Jeannie, as she normally isn't this uppity. Do you think it had to do with being dissed by Marty, or are we going to see this plot line develop in a different direction?