Downton Abbey: SPOILER ALERT!

I was a big fan of season one of Downton Abbey. It was on Netflix, and I had nothing better to do than become obsessed with the show.


Unfortunately, this thing called 'life' got in the way, and I completely missed Season two. I thought "No worries, wait till Season three, do a marathon a few days before and you'll be all caught up!"

Okay, so that never happened either. I was about to become stricter in regards to watching the show during Season three, but I was hearing all these not so happy reviews from long time fans. They claimed the season just appeared to stretch on, with no real action (well, as much action as you can get in Victorian times), no real plots to follow, nada. Simply put, they were bored.

Consider yourself warned, spoilers start here!

Seriously, if you haven't watched Season three, stop reading. If you haven't watched it and you're like me who decided to save time and just read spoilers, then carry on!

So Edith got left at the altar. Boo-hoo. Edith was always my least favorite sister, so I wasn't exactly shocked to hear about this. Sybil, after giving birth to her child passes on to the great beyond. Okay, take a moment to shed some tears.


Mr. Bates got out of jail (I always liked him) and Mary got pregnant (her and Matthew FINALLY got married). I was concerned that they would kill her off the same way they did Sybil, but found it unlikely they would pull the same trick twice.

And they didn't! Mary delivers her baby without having to forfeit her own life, so we all got to celebrate.

Party rock is in the house toniiiiiiiight!

Party rock is in the house toniiiiiiiight!

And then they have the nerve to kill off Matthew, in a motor incident, no less.

Denial is one step in the grieving process...

Denial is one step in the grieving process...


When this originally aired over in England, it was billed as the Christmas special. Seriously, England? This is how you celebrate Christmas over there? No thank you.

To be fair, Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew, was leaving the show. He needed some sort of out, but viewers didn't think it would go down so brutally fast like it dead. Now that the finale has aired, viewers are left to cry in corners and wonder where they went wrong in life.

Have you been a loyal Abbey fan all along? Has Matthew's death left you in outrage, or will you still be coming back for more in Season four?