Five of our Favorite Social Apps Right Now

A few months ago, I was at a restaurant/bar, waiting for a friend to arrive and thought "What the heck, let's check in on Foursquare." At the time, I wasn't big on checking into Foursquare everywhere I went. I didn't have anything against it, per se, it just never popped into my mind.

Well, I was surprised to learn that I had unlocked a free shot of beer. There are two things I love, and that is free stuff and beer. Free beer was like striking gold.

From then on, I swore to not only engage with my social apps more often, but to branch out and see what else is out there. In no particular order, here are five social apps we're really into right now.



Treater allows you to send gifts – such as coffee, food or even 'Moments of Zen' – to your buddies. Hey, everyone likes getting gifts! The gifts, AKA 'Treats', can include a personal message and photo from the sender, and are immediately delivered to the recipient’s smartphone via a Facebook Wall post, text message or email. Then, your newly gifted friend uses their smartphone to redeem their gift in-store. Easy!



Deeyoon is a real-time debate network that sends your arguments straight to video. It's pretty cool, just search for open debates or start your own! Debate topics are never boring and cover a great variety of topics. We know we get a little rowdy here sometimes, but be sure to play nice on Deeyoon. 



Oh Glomper, how I love thee. Glomper is an app that helps you hook up with friends at short notice. You and your friends post what you'll be doing, and you can search and see who is in your area if you want to do a meet up!

Don't have any plans? That's cool, just list yourself as 'available.' It's a lot more subtle than crying on Facebook about your lack of plans.



Flipboard makes it easy to keep up to date on many service, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. What's visually appealing is that Flipboard turns timelines into gorgeously illustrated magazine-style pages, making reading updates and tweets more interesting and appealing than other apps. Personally, I hate logging in and out of every app I want to use, so a one stop shop like Flipboard is perfect.



Sorry everyone, for right now, Vyclone is just for Apple users only. 

I'm sure you've been to an event with family and friends with everyone whipping out their smartphones to update their statuses, take pictures and videos and whatnot. What's cool about Vyclone is that it lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of that shared moment, effortlessly. 

It's a pretty awesome way to re-live an event through eyes other than just your own. I guess it's also handy for reliving those nights when you had a liiiiiiiiitle too much to drink and don't quite remember it the next day.

These are our five favorites of the moment. Which social apps are you loving and using?