Ridiculousness Returns!

Ridiculousness is finally back! For those who can't turn down a good laugh, last night's new season premiere didn't leave us hanging. It was a half hour of hysterical laughing! Watch here some of the videos here, Insticators.

Poor girl will never trust anyone in her entire life...

Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Cost and Steelo hosted Jersey Shore Pauly D. The categories for the video compilations were about as funny as they get.

The categories were all inspired in the Jersey Shore catch phrases, which were usually screamed as loudly as possible by Pauly D, such as OH YEA! WAKE UP YEA! and CABS ARE HERE!

In the best gorilla-juice-head style:

Hope the girl didn't end the video with any fractures. Ouch!

Speaking about Pauly's clothing line Dirty Couture...if things get this dirty, it might be time to call it a day and go home.

All I can say to that is ew!

Who watched the show last night? Do you think this season will be even funnier than the previous?