"White Collar" and the FBI Want YOUR Help!

Hey all you wanna be detectives, this post is for you!

white collar.png

The FBI and USA Networks have created "Real Life White Collar Crimes" to let people help the FBI solve real crimes revolving around stolen items. We have to admit, that's pretty cool.

Users can participate online via photo galleries and investigative tidbits about open cases, while on-air promotions will showcase one stolen item each week. Participants can submit leads to the FBI and earn GetGlue stickers related to "Real Life White Collar Crimes."

Missing items include Romanian gold bracelets, a Campeche painting and a four pound, 8500 carat ruby. I don't even know what someone does with a ruby that big! Do you just display it in your house, like "Hey guys, bring over some beers, we're gonna look at my big ol' ruby again!"?

What say you, Insticators? Are you going to play along, or are you content to just sit back and watch Neal's pretty face?

Can we take him home, mom?

Can we take him home, mom?

Personally, if I help the FBI find a four pound ruby, I'm going to want a lot more than just a GetGlue sticker...