The Jan. 27th Honey Boo Boo Episode: Best Moments

On the Jan. 27 episode of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,’ the family looked back on some of the best moments of the show so far — reminding us why we fell in love with the crazy clan in the first place! Check out some of the best moments:

1. Learning Honey Boo Boo & Family’s, uh, interesting, Vocabulary

The family gave us a linguistics lesson on their colorful language by reminding us that “vajiggle jaggle” means the excess skin and flab on people of a voluptuous size, and that Mama June Shannon only gets “beautimus” (dolled up to look pretty) when she feels like it . We're sure she makes for one knock out beauty queen.

2. Mama June Teaches Us To Cook Sketti



Alana teamed up with her mom to cook dinner for the family, this time an old family recipe for sketti— pasta with ketchup and melted butter. They call it a redneck version of spaghetti, but we think they mean the redneck version of tomato sauce. Spaghetti is still Spaghetti...

3. Here Comes The Weight Loss Challenge

Mama June and all the girls decide they need to drop a few pounds to get healthy, especially since the family matriarch’s weight has gotten so big, it won’t even register on her bathroom scale. After the first week, Jessica “Chubbs” lost two pounds, but Lauryn “Pumpkin” gained four. Props to Mama June, however, as she recently lost over 100 pounds!

4. The Sophisticated Art Of Passing Gas

Alana and family remind us that bodily functions in their household are louder, smellier and a lot more frequent. Mama June said it’s probably due to what they eat (read: a lot of empty calories), but that it’s “only rude when you get caught” passing gas in public. Just thinking about all the gas they pass makes us want to run out and buy all the Lysol air spray we can find.

5. Alana & Her BFF Glitzy The Pig

We got a loving look back on Glitzy, the pet pig the family only kept for a few weeks. Alana describes she fell in love with the little guy in the first place — he loves to dress up, and is a perfect pageant partner! “He’s going to be a little gay,” Alana reveals. Pity Glitzy didn't stick around for long, but we think he probably misses the smell of Alana's home. All that farting probably smells pretty close to a pig pen.

6. Alana’s Talking Tummy

When Alana competes in pageants, she’s not the only one who does all the talking — her belly chats up the judges too. Alana and her tummy talked to the cameras, like she does when she’s on stage. Hey, every kid has a special talent, right? Alana's just happens to be making her stomach talk.

7. Anatomy Of Mama June

Mama June gave us the rundown of everything that makes her body a wonderland — her “forklift foot,” aka her feet that are black and blue from being run over by a forklift when she was younger, her neck crust (the residue found in the folds of her triple chin) and her biscuit. Biscuit means lady parts to Mama June, so it's best if we just move right along...

Ugh. I'm never going to be able to look at a biscuit the same way again.

8. Bringing Home Baby Kaitlyn


When Alana’s sister Anna “Chickadee” gave birth to her baby Kaitlyn, the family was so excited to meet her — and she greeted them with three thumbs up! That’s right, baby Kaitlyn was born with an extra appendage, which Mama June just called a special addition. 

Glove shopping is going to be difficult, but we think since they spend hundreds of dollars on getting Alana all dolled up for pageants  they should have no problem splurging for gloves that will keep Kaitlyn's hands warm.

9. Mama June Reveals Her Couponing Obsession

Mama June reminds everyone why she loves couponing in the first place — “it’s better than sex” — and even admits a dark secret from her past. One time she bought laundry detergent without a coupon, and it nearly killed her! If she thinks couponing is better than sex, she's clearly doing it wrong. We think she should talk to Sugar Bear about this.

10. Mama June & Sugar Bear: A Love Story

Mama June and her “shack ‘em up mate” Sugar Bear have been together for more than eight years, and love to make their relationship “smexy” from time to time. Even though Sugar Bear says their relationship was love at first site, Mama June revealed the truth behind their romance — they met through an online chat room, and it was supposed to be a random hookup. Now THAT sounds more like it. We think Sugar Bear is a saint, putting up with all the estrogen in the house. He gets two thumbs up (or three, in baby Kaitlyn's case) from us!

Did we miss any of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below!