Celebrity Kids Make More Bank Than Us

You know when you look at your bank account, and it makes you want to cry out of desperation? We all know it's a difficult period with the economy the way it is, jobs aren't that easy to get these days. 

But when you scan through the news and read anything that includes "...Jolie's Daughter earns $3000 a week...," than THAT is a perfectly plausible reason for us, simple mortals, to think about suicide (just kidding, just kidding - SERIOUSLY kidding! We are all happy and wanna live forever).

Vivienne Jolie is only FOUR years old, and is getting paid $3000 a week for working with her mamma on the fairy tale Maleficent. The Disney movie is scheduled to hit the big screens in March of 2014.

$60/hour at 4 - needing a new piggy bank yet?

$60/hour at 4 - needing a new piggy bank yet?

Okay, after the initial shock, you collect your chin from the ground, and start thinking "Dang! I work my little tail off...and can barely afford my rent!" Yes, my dears, story of many lives out there.

Another Hollywood-star-daughter who seems to live sitting on a pile of money is Suri Cruise. Just recently her wardrobe was estimated to be worth over three million dollars (?!) Yes, that is a three followed by six zeroes, just to get dressed to play in the monkey bars. However, the amount includes her custom-made shoes by Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin - phew! That makes it so much more reasonable.


She is just a six year old girl, who probably has no idea why shoes with red soles are that much more fun.

What do you think about the Hollywood babies? Do they get sucked into the consumption world way too early...or do you say screw it and spend it if you have it? What do you think?