Five of the Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos

Lots of people want tattoos, but shy away from getting them. Why? Because they're kinda permanent and zapping away at your skin with a laser for who knows how long because you thought it would be cool to get Mr. Kool Aid tatted on your ankle 10 years ago sucks.

Cool/Kool Aid. Get it? Moving on.

It's one thing to have your grandmother disapproving of your fresh new ink, but it's a totally different ball game when you're a celebrity and millions of people get to see the stupid thing you've decided to immortalize on your body. 

In no particular order, here are five of what we think are the dumbest celebrity tattoos.

Andy Milonakis

Yes, that's a table...

Yes, that's a table...

Andy allegedly got the tattoo to make fun of all the celebrities who get inked with something that has deep, personal meaning. Good on you, Andy, but you could have done this with a temporary tattoo and made the same point.

Zac Efron


Anyone who gets "YOLO" tattooed on them is an idiot. End of story.

Johnny Depp


You should never, ever get a tattoo with the name of your beloved, because if celebrity divorces have taught us anything, it's that not all relationships last. However, we're going to give a high five to Johnny for fixing this less than brilliant move. The tat now reads "Wino Forever."

Gucci Mane

Who told him this was a good idea?

Who told him this was a good idea?

A representative for Gucci told Rolling Stone that he wanted to let people know how he lived, cool as ice cream and make you say “brr”....

I want to meet the tattoo artist who kept a straight face while doing this, because if someone came up to me and said they wanted to tattoo ice cream on their face so people know how cool they are, I would laugh until I passed out.

Stephen Baldwin


This is a sad one, but should be a lesson to those who are desperate to climb out of their D list ranking.  Around 2007, Baldwin made a bet with Miley Cyrus. What was it?  If he got the initials to Hannah Montana, a fictional character, tattooed on himself, he would score a guest spot on the show. He actually went through with it, but NEVER GOT ON THE SHOW.

Do you need some lotion for that burn, Stephen?

Let this be a lesson to us all - think before you ink!