It's a Free-for-All on Vanderpump Rules

So let's talk about Vanderpump Rules. Featured on The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was the first to be given her very own reality show on Bravo (cha-ching!) I'm sure all the other housewives were sincerely very happy about it - sincerity that only Beverly Hills can offer.

RHOBH watching the trailer for Vanderpump Rules

RHOBH watching the trailer for Vanderpump Rules

The reality show is the type of show you know you don't want to watch. It's the type of show you know you probably will be dumber after each episode, yet, you still watch it. They reel you in with the team of male and female models (DANG, attractive people!). They pretend to work, but truly just party and hook up at Vanderpump's new restaurant SUR, in West Hollywood.


There is plenty of cheating and cattiness among the girls, and a heavy dose of narcissism among the guys. It is pretty much a mix of Gossip Girl and 90210 in Hell's Kitchen.

When you watch it though, you start to wonder if the show shouldn't be truly called Vanderpump RuleD. I mean, those employees do whatever the hell they want, if there is such a thing as a dream job, this must be it!

In the most recent episode, called "Caught with His Trousers Down", security finds Jax - one of the hot bartenders - having sex with one of the waitresses in the bathroom at SUR. Lisa then questions him and the girl, and the both deny it. I mean in which job would you be caught butt-naked having sex during your shift and get away with it?!

Meanwhile, the other bartender, Frank double charges a customer all night. When questioned about it, he responds by threatening to pull the clients underpants over his head (WTH?!). What are we, in fifth grade here? He got fired by Ms. Vanderpump, but something tells me he will be back soon!

What is your take on the show? What other ridiculously surreal work-place situations have you noticed happening at SUR?