Want to Become a Celebrity? Get Married!

Bravo announced they are investing in a new Housewives-of-whatever type of spin-off. If you are already rolling your eyes to it, so are we. There is no way around it, Bravo will suck the life out of this genre 'till they dry out the fountain.

 After the Housewives of all imaginable states and sports, now it’s the time for the Housewives of medicine. The show will be called Married to Medicine and it will be about women from Atlanta who are doctors or married to doctors. Wait, whaa...?

God have mercy...another one!

God have mercy...another one!

No need to say that out of a cast of six women, only two are real doctors (just like how many of the Real Housewives are actually wives?). Even less need to be a rocket scientist to notice that they were thrown there just to make up for the name. The reality show’s cast was just revealed and it is composed of: 

Tori Bush-Harris: met her husband Dr. Eugene Harris five years ago at a speed dating event. The couple has two children together and her occupations include charities and working on a children’s book.

Mariah Huq: under the nickname “Queen Bee”, she is Married to Medicine’s producer and married to Dr. Aydin Huq. Sounds like someone just wanted their own TV show...

Quad Lunceford: The “Black Barbie” (Oh boy, I guess this is explanation enough) wed psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

Kari Wells: British model married to Colombian orthopedic surgeon Duncan Wells.

And the two who truly are married to medicine – both OBGYNs:

Dr. Simone Whitmore: called “WITCHmore” and “The Warden” by her staff. She must be a sweetheart, don’t you think?

Dr. Jacqueline Walters: Two times breast cancer survivor and treats famous people, like Toni Braxton, and the baby-mamas of Usher and T.I.

The show will premiere on Sunday, March 24, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Do you think this show will be a hit like the other Housewives were? Will you surrender to another reality show that follows rich women who became famous for getting married, or will you pass this one, Insticators?