Hot Clip of the Day: Mark Wahlberg Drunk on The Graham Norton Show

Remember when actress Amanda Seyfried admitted to David Letterman that she needs a little liquid courage for all live interviews after 12 PM? She wasn't ashamed to admit to Dave that she was already three drinks in, and you know what? We don't judge her. Sometimes we all need a little liquid courage.

Except for alcoholics.

Amanda did just fine in her interview with Dave, and being the cool guy that he is, joined her for some whiskey during the interview.

On the other hand, there are those who take it too far, and yes we're looking at you Mark Wahlberg.

For whatever reason (read as: no good ones), Mark Wahlberg decided it would be a good idea to show up to The Graham Norton Show drunk. You can watch the train wreck in it's entirety here, but we felt compelled to share a short clip:

Our favorite part of this clip is after he flips the chair for the third time, you catch Sarah Silverman off on the side throwing some serious shade as if to say "I'm not getting paid enough to sit next to this idiot, someone switch seats with me."

We feel you Sarah, we feel you.

Stay classy, Mark!