Homeland: What's Next for Brody?

The season two finale of Homeland started off with a look that maybe, just maaaaaaaybe, Brody might be able to start life again with a clean slate, but that idea quickly went to hell in a hand basket (what does that phrase really mean, anyway?)

If you aren't all caught up on Homeland, then we suggest you abandon ship now, because we're about to give away some major spoilers. Honestly, you only have yourself to blame, the finale aired almost two months ago, what's wrong with you?

We know that Brody's car was the one with the bombs in it that went off at the vice presidents memorial service, killing Estes and countless others. To be honest, Estes was kind of a dick towards the end, so we're happy to see him go.

Brody swears he had nothing to do with the bomb, and because nobody saw this coming, Carrie believes him. We're left with Saul as the new Estes, Brody fleeing into the night while his family believes him to be dead and Carrie rejoining Saul (instead of running away with Brody, good move Carrie!) where she will predictably try and clear Brody's name.

Still a better love story than "Twilight"

Still a better love story than "Twilight"

So what's next for Brody? We can't imagine the show would turn in such a direction as to have him lay low while. Talk about Snoozeville.

He seems convinced one of Nazir's men planted the bomb in his car, so is he going to undertake a one man mission to find out who it was? Seems a little unlikely. We're pretty sure his credit score with Nazir's team isn't looking so hot right now, so he'll have to leave the inside work to the CIA.

And of course, we've still yet to find out who the mole is. We're going to be so disappointed if it's Brody. Look, his character has already turn sides so many times that him being the mole wouldn't be a big revelation. No, it's need to be someone like Saul. It would break my heart but break it in a good way, you know?

They better not have the mole be some random CIA intern we've met for 5 seconds. Or Dana.

I hate her character so much...

I hate her character so much...

One possibility is that initially we don't see Brody getting a lot of screen time because he is in fact lying low, and the focus is instead on, well, the homeland. It'll be interesting to see Saul take on his new position, as well as what the dynamics are going to be like in the Brody household, now that they've seen his suicide bomber video and because he is presumed dead. 

If Brody doesn't get a lot of screen time initially in season three, will you still watch Homeland? Or is it Go Brody or Go Home?