Katie from MTV's Buckwild is a Screamer

Sorry to have mislead you, but this post is safe for work!

We can all rejoice because Buckwild been renewed for a second season! Did you catch the season finale that reveals Tyler is a man-whore and a creep? Well let's catch you up!


It starts off with Katie dishing to her mom about how she's kinda-sorta-definitely-maybe-who knows with Tyler. Confused? So were we. It's pretty clear Katie wants it to be something serious but knows bringing it up will scare Tyler off. So what does she do instead?

Invites him over for dinner to meet her mom. Yeah, that's totally not putting any pressure on him or anything.

Dinner goes well, and while Tyler is not the sharpest tool in the tool kit, he is polite, friendly and wins mom's approval. 

Everything seems to be fine till the next day where Tyler's family rags on him for having a girlfriend. Tyler insists he doesn't have a girlfriend and that he's free to do whatever and, excuse us, whomever he wants.

Cue the drama!


While Katie is out of town for the weekend, (how convenient!) Tyler attends a party where he meets up with Ashley (above.) Now, Ashley was there when Tyler said he doesn't have a girlfriend and for the most part, he doesn't. So what are two classy people to do?

Have sex in a car. Of course! Tyler even tells Ashley that nobody can know about their little indiscretion, which is odd, because if you don't have a girlfriend, what are you worried about, Tyler?

Predictably, Katie comes back and learns what went down at the party. She decides to confront Ashley while she's....bathing suit shopping? Awkward.

"Why yes, I did have sex with Tyler. What do you think of this top?"

"Why yes, I did have sex with Tyler. What do you think of this top?"

Ashley confirms and Katie can't even get mad at her, because she's not the one at fault. Tyler should have really thought about this, because instead of having one woman pissed at him, he's got two.

The best part is when they both confront Tyler, and Tyler is of the firm mentality that as long as he says it didn't happen, it didn't happen.

Really, he's so unwavering in his statement that you have to start wondering if it really happened or not (it did.)

That's when Katie loses it. I mean, really loses it. She just starts shrieking like a banshee. I wasn't even in the room with her and I felt my safety was at risk. Check out the video below of her hysterics (and sorry for the low quality, you gotta work with what you have!):

Do you think Katie totally overreacted since they aren't an exclusive couple, or do you think she was well within her rights to chew his ear off?