Trolling Fashion Week

Welcome to Fashion Week! Wishing you were famous enough to score an invite to a fashion show? Don't worry, us too.

The Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2013 fashion show thought it had a really clever marketing idea: setting up a video screen behind the models with live tweets including their personal hash tag #RMFALL.

More like #RMFAIL.


Instead of tweets from fashion gurus over the world, they got trolled. Anytime you invite people to participate in something on the internet, you need to realize that the trolls are lurking and ready to strike. Here are some tweets that appeared during the show:

Credit goes to BuzzFeed for doing their homework!

Credit goes to BuzzFeed for doing their homework!

That's just a sampling. Some of the tweets left a bad taste in our mouth, such as racists views and pro 9/11 messages. Listen,  it's one thing to go and rain on a designer's stupidity, but there's a very fine line to cross before you're just an asshole.

Other designers, take note and let this be a warning!