A Farewell to 30 Rock

Last night was the season finale to the comedic powerhouse known as 30 Rock. There were some great one liners (i.e. “Like the snakes in my dressing room, I release you” and  “R as in the pirate noise, A as in the Fonzie noise…”) and while it wasn't an OMGZ OUTSTANDING finale, it was still a nice one that closed things up well.

However, we're feeling like we've just suffered a terrible break up, and much like a broken up former lover staring at past photos together, we're not quite ready to let go. Let's keep the addiction going a little longer with a look back at some of our favorite moments!

"What am I, a farmer?"

Stay classy, Jack. We hope you're see-through washing machine dream is a success!

That time they ruined Google Search

Come on now, everyone has done a Google Search on themselves, either in the traditional method, or in Tracy's case, the non-traditional method.

30 Rock Live!

Does this really need an explanation? We loooooooooove us some Amy Poehler, but we may or may not have shrieked in delight when Sir Paul McCartney made his cameo (we did.)

Crazy Kenneth

It's hard to pick a favorite character, because they're all so golden. However, we've always had a bit of a soft spot for Kenneth. Kenneth is always getting the short end of the stick, so it was a delight to see the facade slip away for a second and show Jack that maybe, juuuust maybe, Kenneth is a lot more dangerous than anyone gives him credit for.


You gotta admit, Liz's moves are pretty sweet. The fact that she continues to dance is what sold us.

"No need to resort to ugly stereotypes!"

In our hearts, we'd like to think that Alec and Tracy improved this whole scene. The rising panic of the therapist gives this bit extra chuckles.

So while we're sitting here clinging to our long lost love, leave some links in the comments below or on our Facebook page of some of your favorite 30 Rock moments!