Slide Show by Steve Carell


Rumor has it that FOX has ordered 8 episodes of Slide Show, an unscripted comedy executive-produced by The Office star Steve Carell.

This unscripted show follows an international format similar to that of Anything Goes. Slide Show pits two teams, celebrities and comedians, against each other with series of showdowns including song, dance and sketch to hilariously challenge the mind and body. To further complicate the face-offs, teams will be navigating on a set with a 22.5 degree tilt, a show’s trademark.

When asked about FOX’s interest in Slide Show, FOX Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly mentioned the “ridiculously funny” and “out-there” aspects of the show. He added, “Unscripted television should be outrageous and audacious by definition.”


Slide Show has debuted in France, Australia, Portugal and Denmark with enjoyable success. The format is to launch in Spain, the Netherlands, and China in the coming months as well as here, in the States.