Leonardo DiCaprio as Christian Grey, Will We Be So Lucky?


Leonardo Dicaprio is a very versatile actor. He can turn any film into an exceptional score. Fifty Shades of Grey will not be an exception. Having DiCaprio as the lead actor will not only boost the film’s credibility but it will also enhance the universal appeal, reaching out to more than just those who read the books.

DiCaprio would make one enthralling Christian Grey. First of all, he has the eyes. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been mesmerized with those gorgeous blue-grey eyes. Plus, he is always in good shape so getting those Christian abs are going to be a walk in the park. Christian has a tortured soul and is dark and twisted. If there is anything that DiCaprio excels in is portraying this type of characters. Does anybody remember Shutter Island? Gatsby?  Moreover, Christian can be very scary at times. This element is exactly why Leonardo would be the perfect choice! And let’s talk romance because Christian is extremely romantic. Does Jack Dawson ring a bell? If Titanic has taught us anything it’s that not only does Leo have the ability to melt our hearts with his smile but he is an illustrious romantic lead.


Who else would portray this romantic yet dark and tortured character better than Leonardo DiCaprio himself? We hope that this role intrigues DiCaprio enough for him to sign on!