Say Yes to the Dress: Did They Really Just Say That?

Wedding dress shopping can be (read as: is) stressful, which is probably why guys are so thrilled they don't have to worry about it. Amiright, fellas?

You have to worry about costs, alterations, if they're going to have anything in your size, if maybe the dress of your dreams really isn't the dress of your dreams and if the dress will even be ready in time for your big day. The term "Bridezilla" is out there for a reason. Ladies have this stress just on their dress, imagine all the other parts of the wedding!

Have a mimosa and call down

Have a mimosa and call down

That's why when you do go searching for the perfect gown, you should only bring a loving, supporting group with you. I like to tease my mom and tell her she won't be coming with me. She likes to tease me back and remind me I don't have a boyfriend. THANKS MOM.

Obviously these following brides-to-be on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress did not follow the aforementioned piece of advice, because the show has quite a few "OMG, THEY DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" moments.

Okay, we're cheating a little with this first example, as it's from Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids. The Maid of Honor TOTALLY hijacks the appointment because clearly she has issues (we think it's because she has a mustache, though.) My friend got married back in August, and if she wanted me to walk down the aisle wearing a potato sack, I would have done it (probably because the potato sack is cheaper, but mostly because it is her day.)

How insecure do you have to be to start crying over the fact that your dress might not stand out from the other bridesmaids? Newsflash, honey: the only dress people are going to be paying attention to is the one the bride is wearing. 

Oh hey, TLC! Thanks for putting this compilation video together for us! Totes made my job easier: 

Let's just skip right along to numero dos. How freakin' rude do you have to be to decide you want to try on wedding dresses DURING YOUR FRIENDS APPOINTMENT. Entourage peeps, hear me loud and clear: THE APPOINTMENT IS NOT ABOUT YOU, YOU SELF CENTERED D-BAGS.  

And number one? This appointment is not about playing dress up with your friend. You also do not know more than the experts. You are helping nobody by picking out dresses way beyond your friends price limit, just because you want to see it on her. Again: this appointment is not about you.

I really wanted to find a clip of this next example, but can't seem to find it (THANKS FOR FAILING ME, INTERNET!) 


That's Jennifer Bloom in the gown and the person I have painstakingly labeled as "Stink Face" is her twin sister, Melanie. It is pretty clear through out the episode that Melanie doesn't want to be there, and when Jennifer comes out in a gown, with a huge smile on her face and saying how much she loves it, Melanie criticizes the dress, saying it looks like it has fish scales. She then proceeds to make fishy faces, just in case anyone missed her point.

Real mature.

So Melanie acts like a major bee-otch, putting down every dress Jennifer comes out in. Wanna know what the kicker is? Melanie has the nerve to go into the fitting rooms and lecture Jennifer about how rude she is being by wasting everyone's time, as people have things they want to do outside of helping her dress shop.

Oh. My. God. That little...

So if any of you Insticators are heading down the aisle soon and are about to go dress shopping, heed the warnings above and try not to invite anyone with an over-sized ego. 

Remember, it's your day, baby! Haters gonna hate...